Of course my new iPhone fell out of the pocket while I was exiting the car and scratched a bit! 😡

Trying put Mast for iOS. Seems nice and powerful so far.

Like for example sometimes ^C stops working when there's something written in the line... 😕

Don't get me wrong, there are many fabulous things about Elementary but those little gripes are throwing me off.

Behavior of ElementaryOS terminal application can really piss me off. As well as their bash customizations....


Why in hell do node apps have so much dependencies? 💔

Is there Mastodon client for iOS that supports something like tweetmarker (remembers last position)?

@kurtm nice "Name"! :-D Where did you get the inspiration from? :-P

Yeah, after server reboot I had some services not coming up as they should. Need to re-work some things...

Other actions look nice and feel like a native app should be

Unfortunately following someone opens up external mastodon webpage :-(

Trying out Tusk for iOS, looks quite nice!

Tying out tootdon. Seems cool, but no pure dark theme...

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