Hmm, or is it doing that while starting the service. FFS.



also kills every other redis service, but I still blame SystemD (it could be doing that when it notices one of the services is down and decides to restart it.


systemctl kill -S TERM --kill-who=main redis-server.service

also kills redis-blah.service....

For some unkown reason, when I restart one of my redis services all redis services go down (SIGTERM is somehow sent to them) and only the one I've specified in restart gets started again.

I blame SystemD and the way it terminates the service .

But am still puzzled with how it's done.

Services are in separate cgroups, kill -s TERM is sent to $MainPID which is different for each service OFC. And all services write to different PID file...

Oh boy would I love to see proper Linux port of Rise of Nations 🙂

Or better yet, reinventing that game on linux (like 0AD) and make it even better.

Approximately 1-2 months ago I've purchased Apple dongle (Lightning to Audio-jack one) and have used it exactly 0 times. Haven't even tried it :-)

Wisest purchase decision ever...

Why the hell is Ubuntu snap command using term "refresh" and doesn't at least have "update/upgrade" alias for it? It breaks my brain on multiple levels.

Mate desktop is nice and stable for me and I very much like it. But for some reason I am being pushed towards KDE again. 😕

Plasma in my ❤️

Most of the times Webinars are just poor mimics of the real presentations. Usually watered down and don't have much useful info.

This is at least my experience so far...

It boggles my mind that "back" mouse button doesn't do anything within Gnome software center....

Hmm, thinking about trying out Gentoo on my laptop. Haven't got my hands messy with desktop for a while.

All I do is all sorts of hackery and rescuing on production servers... :-/

This was on Fedora, dual screen. But I had it polished further when I transitioned to 3-head setup

Once upon the time I had this awesome Awesome 3.5 based setup. :-D

And then Awesome 4 came and that wasn't so awesome as my old Awesome config was not so awesome on the new Awesome

I prefer Firefox, and have been using it for few years now. But the speed is killing me.

Before WebExtensions I could handle it being slower. But with WE, it just boggles my mind why should I not have features that got me switched in the first place aaaaand have it slower than competition.

Perhaps because "Free and Open Web" . 🤷‍♂️

Netdata is really slow in Firefox. Rendering engine for JS is crippled it seems.

Chrome, Chromium and Vivaldi (all 3 based on Chromium) get around 33k score on Octane 2.0 test while Firefox gets 25k

Pretty much happy with Apple Watch so far. Really useful stuff. Much nicer than samsung watches IMHO. If you have an iPhone that is. It's useless otherwise I think...

This christmas I bought myself an Apple watch. Gold one! Series 4 OFC.

Almost left the store without it. Black ones were sold in a matter of minutes. And all gold ones were reserved. So only silver ones were available, but I didn't want that one.

At the end cashier managed to cancel one idle/unpaid reservation and sell one of the gold ones to me 🙂 I was obviously very happy!

I need to familiarize myself with PgSQL a bit more on that note.

HA is known thing for me in MySQL. And I've never bothered with Posgres since we were migrating from it to MySQL since MysQL is better for HA (master-master mainly).

With extensions such as citus maturing, and PgSQL getting more and more replication thingies it is time to revisit it.

Seems like this PgSQL upgrade from 9.6 to 11 was painless. Dump-restore was quick as hell.

Note that this transition wasn't HA at all :-)

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