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OK, the new #Mastodon admin only instance is now live at tootmin.network

If you're an instance admin, please drop me an email at invites@tootmin.network with your instance URL and username, I'll then review and get you an invite.

Please boost this toot, as the Tootmin Network will give us admins a place to collaborate and discuss Mastodon administration away from our respective instances.


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@ajroach42 Terry Pratchett Audiobooks (books, not plays!)

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Anyone else twice as tired as they usually are this week? My body feels like the battery won't hold a charge! :battery_empty: :sloth:

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We've just released #Halcyon 1.1.7 which is mainly an bugfix release with the following changes:
- Fixed some compatibility problems with Pleroma
- Stopped undefined socket tries on profile pages
- Text fields do now have autoresize
You can download the release from github.com/halcyon-suite/halcy but please be sure not to delete your config.ini or the contents of the "data" directory if you upgrade from an older version.

I have to say, I don't see difference between regular Mastodon theme and High Contrast one...

So now I need to upgrade mastodon :-)

3 weeks to ship ergodox? :-( I guess I'll have to wait...

Ordered Ergodox-EZ, we'll see how good it is. It is a bit on the expensive side but if it's good then I won't be sorry :-)

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Okay, I just came up with a great hashtag for the fediverse, regarding #FollowFriday, also known as #FF.

🐻 Bear with me, while I explain why it's so good, and why it will stick.

It's been suggested that we need a #fediverse specific ff-hashtag, but nothing interesting ever came out of it.

Today I saw #FFOS (Follow Friday on Saturday), and I was like, what if, instead of forgetting, we could do it every day, and #FFED was born. Follow-Fediverse, and Follow-Friday Every Day, rolled into one.

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I think I'll purchase Egodox EZ for myself this or next month. It is a bit on the expensive side but looks like it is most amazing thing in the world of keyboards.

Why the hell does Yakuake reset its fucking settings every time I reboot the computer. Retarded fucking program. Sorry for swear words but it totally got me flipped. Every single fucking time I have to select from the menu that it should open on "Screen 2". OMFG.

Or I might just purchase a license and call it a day :-)

And now I learn that it's no longer OpenSource. But there's airsonic.github.io/ so I might migrate to that later.

Setup Subsonic server for myself. Works pretty good I have to say...

Subsonic looks pretty good as a self-hosted replacement for Spotify and Deezer but I don't think I'd like to have recurring fee for function like having custom domain name. It is only a $1 though which is pretty cheap.

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Reinventing a wheel, poorly I'm sure. But I'm doing it in perl!