Looking at Dhall configuration language (alternative to YAML) and I really don't see the point.

It's definitely not more readable. For that reason alone it is worthless.

OK< how the hell do I register web+mastodon URL handler!

Having emacs and its keybindings everywhere except in the editor would be ideal for me.

Evil mode just takes over all of the keybindings. I would prefer to not have it that way. I would prefer only while editing file in text mode or something.

Binge watched 10 episodes of limitless yesterday. Feel like shit today... πŸ˜• Am I getting too old?

Is it just me or does the TTRSS community seems a bit toxic? Luckily I'm not registered there and only search for solution if I have some issues.

So far I've been able to only find questions matching my search pattern and idiotic answers. That frog fuck is rude. Folks like that have some serious mental issues.

#Firefox theme for #GNOME by @rafaelmardojai

quick demo

on Github

btw it is funny that people using same names on Mastodon as Twitter ..so i can tag you ..IN BOTH PLACES!!!


Uh... what info do you want?

I'm writing it now?

You can sponsor at tiltedwindmillpress.com/ ?

It will be done when I finish it?

Mostly minor changes, some additions, additional context, etc. ?

Choose what you want, discard the rest.

Very long; about instances shutting down 

Tried switching to OpenBSD today again. Bailed on it, again... For some reason I can't get used on how things are working there. Also not seing any tangeable advantages on why should I switch in the first place. If there are any they're being shadowed by inconveniences I'm having.

Being an adult is pretty easy. You just feel tired all the time and tell people about how tired you are and they tell you how tired they are

Which reminds me, I could eat now. Though not sure how smart is considering I'm already sleeping on one eye. It's like 10PM here.

I might start using it on the laptop. I have some issues with enabling zfs on live usb though...

Manjaro really has nice kde implementation by default

Just found out about the "Follows and followers" section and removed 6 pages of inactive users that I've been following.

One approach to spread #Mastodon is to get projects with Twitter accounts in the Tech sector to get onto Mastodon.

Interested to see if ios 13 public beta is stable enough for daily driver. If yes, and if I enable/install it, will I also participate in future public betas automatically (I don't want that)

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