OK, I've now finally finished moving Gitlab to another instance.

Mastodon and Wordpress left to go.

I think I'll just deal with it tomorrow or day after that.

I wonder if there is a way to change domain easily.

While doing so, I'm also changing the domain name on the sites to my new .net domain.

Will leave this one on .me though...

Half of the work is done, I still need to migrate this instance and few more things, like Gitlab and stuff.

Migrating sites to new Ubuntu based server (18.04) , previously used Debian.

In need for some newer packages and want to consolidate few servers so ther's that.

That got out of hand just a little tiny bit...

Of course I'm an idiot. Almost done with main desk and forgot to wipe the screens!!! Argh. Now I risk moving them out of place again. And it took me like 30 minutes to get them "just right".

I really need to stop being so nervous. This "little activity" got me really ramped up. And I'm only half way there.

Just spent 3 hours cleaning up my desk and now I can no longer arrange ergodox the way I had it before and got used to it. Typing speed -9000

To clarify, I started deletion process in the foreground first, then figured out it may take some time to complete πŸ˜„

bin/tootctl media remove --days=30 --background
Scheduled the deletion of 70510 media attachments (approx. 27.9 GB)


Why there is no mention about periodic:

tootctl media remove

in mastodon docs? My media folder grew to like 70GB πŸ˜„

zpool history is the next best thing after sliced bread!

Fedora Silverblue seems like an over-engineered way of having root-on-zfs system πŸ˜•

Still need to check it out though... :-)

Apparently that wasn't so bad of an idea anyways πŸ™‚

Just nuked redis for my instance , now the timeline is empty πŸ˜„

I would likely do it before.

It was easy to fix but I couldn't be bothered ;-) BOFH

Today I finally troubleshooted why the hell my site is not being indexed by the Google.

Of course, reason was my stupid copy/paste of add_header nginx directives from another site I have (which shouldn't be indexed by the way)

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