Seems like this PgSQL upgrade from 9.6 to 11 was painless. Dump-restore was quick as hell.

Note that this transition wasn't HA at all :-)

@ivan hmm, is there a nice way of doing major-version upgrades with pgsql with minimal downtime?

@webmind If you had some external replication set up (abstracted from PgSQL data format) I guess it would be. At this time, to my knowledge, replication is one-way street for PgSQL.

@ivan hmm, I do some HA stuff with pgsql, but generally you don't mix major-versions in your replication setup I think.


@webmind that is correct :-) Unless you handle replication outside of postgres (logical repl). Although, this should be possible (or at least better) in PgSQL 10+ and even better with 11.

We'll see.

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