Stupid twitter doesn't give me an option to see my old tweets. I've purged like 3k , but still 9k to go, and I can't either access them to see them or delete them with any tool.

Anybody knows how could I accomplish that?

@ivan there are a number of scripts like the one below that can delete tweets.

@kev Tried like 20 different ones, none of them work unfortunately 😕 Once I get to this magical number of 8875 total tweets, I can't get it under that. Nothing sees those older tweets

@ivan ah, that’s crap. What about a 3rd party app?

@kev Seems like there is a way to extract status id's from profile archive (request archive in twitter settings) and then going through each id and deleting tweet with tweepy library. Currently trying out so I'll see how it goes...

@ivan I have a script, tool to do it. You need to download your archive and then use a script to manually delete each tweet based on the tweet ID from your dump. It's stupid painful but it works

@feld Could you share it? I've tried few of those. Tried even doing something on my own but did not manage to get it right. Currently trying out , we'll see how that goes 🙂

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