So my saga with ZFS-on-Root and issues with mounting additional pool was resolved yesterday.

2xNVMe drives in mirror, containing:
- dummy partition to reserve space for primary bootloader
- EFI partition
- zboot pool with /boot
- zroot pool with / (and subsequent datasets)
4xHDD drives in striped mirror (raid 10)
- storage pool /home/user/* (.files on NVMe)

With this setup, during boot process zroot and zboot would be mounted but not the storage.

Turns out it was multiple things. Automatic import of pools was disabled in ubuntu package. Can be overridden with kernel module setting but that isn't an option since it then breaks zroot import for pivot root.

Solution was to copy data from zboot to /boot on zroot, destroy that pool, and update initramfs as well as the grub. Now boot is being done normally from zroot (both /boot and pivot root) and zpool.cache doesn't get erased during that process, so storage pool gets imported normally.

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