Wondering, is there a way to disable password prompt for updating applications in Nextcloud?

@ivan It is a security feature, I don't think it should be disabled.

@EdwardTorvalds Not much of an security feature ifI'm already logged in into nextcloud. So I can already do anything with my files from there 🙂 Perhaps just allow no password update for Admins group or something.

@ivan Updating apps is change in your server and it causes downtime too, since server is kept in maintenance mode.
Imagine, you as a admin, leave your computer unlocked, someone can cause unwanted updates to a server that could be serving thousands of users.

@EdwardTorvalds Application updates don't trigger maintenance mode, just the core update.

Also, I as an admin don't like having unnecessary prompts. Moreover as I can do it with occ without asking me for pw/stupid questions 🙂

At last, at home, I don't have that threat. Anywhere else, I regularly lock the computer.

That's why special grants could be given to the "Admin" or "Sysadmin" group of users, which would not be prompted for credentials.

I guess I could just continue using occ.

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