Another one made by my sister. Ubuntu + Krita + Wacom + her amazing talent 🙂

Latest work made by my sister 🙂 Ubuntu + Krita + Wacom. Inspired by Trine game she plays a lot these days...

This was on Fedora, dual screen. But I had it polished further when I transitioned to 3-head setup

Every fucking time after I turn the monitors back on.... Argh!

So Gnome Boxes in Fedora now has the option to download RHEL from it directly. Other images are available through it as well.

Nice move.

Apparently that OnePlus Google partnership was fruitful. Got latest update today...

Finally managed to assemble new monitor arm and put the new displays on :-)

now I only need to wait for Ergodox to arrive ;-P

Brother and I decided to purchase Wacom for little sister. As you can see, she uses it well :-)

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