@manjarolinux @farhan What dies the load average involve? Just the lavg numbers in top? what’s the CPU/io utilization?

@danrabbit That's why when someone's bugging you, just refer them to the proper place 🙂

Some folks bug because they don't know better, and some just because they're dickheads 🤷‍♂️

Going through old bookmarks is sometimes revealing on how much I've learned for the past few years. Things I've used to bookmark I now know by heart, which is cool.

Is it cache? It can’t be the cache! It must not be the cache! But is it? Noooo, it just can’t be! Spoiler: it was…

So, finally I have the full speed. Cable between ONT and ISP provided router has started to failed and it could not negotiate full 1000 link speed...

After changing the cable I'm back to normal and latency is better as well.

And after I finish with this, WatchOS 6 will also be available. Something to make my day better 🙂

What the fuck Mac!? Why the hell would you change my hostname automatically? On my parent’s home I inherited hostname of another machine. What the serious fuck!

I’m finding myself constantly touching and pressing ESC key on my new MacBook with TouchBar without even realising it.

And list of those is being cleaned up little-by-little as I have downtime and my phone with me. Or any downtime in general. 500 articles is a long way to go still though...

But , to be honest, I'll clean half of those in no time. The rest can be saved to Wallabag to be read later

Cleaned up my "Saved messages" in Telegram, now I have 100 open tabs again

So my iPhone Xs Max returned. I received a brand new device as the old one has died all of the sudden.

I can't describe how I missed this phone. Really nice! And this night I forgot to put it on the charger. Now it's 8PM and it's still at 30%

@greyor@social.privacytools.io I used to use mpd for quite some time. For controlling playback ncmpcpp.But since recently I'm back on Fedora again and decided to go full in with Gnome as well. So yeah, here we are. I used to use Banshee and Rhythmbox on Fedora 15 and on Ubuntu 11.04 or something like that. 🙂 But yeah, I recall it being more feature complete 🙂

I'm under impression that Rhythmbox had much more features in the past. It even had the menu to customize various things. At the time when Banshee was default on Ubuntu 😕

setq org-capture-tempaltes

And I'm wondering why it doesn't work!

@kev @greyor@social.privacytools.io Read the article before and think it's an interesting approach. But I like WP for what it is. With good caching and few tweaks here and there server side it can be quite performant and still fully dynamic 🙂

@EdwardTorvalds Application updates don't trigger maintenance mode, just the core update.

Also, I as an admin don't like having unnecessary prompts. Moreover as I can do it with occ without asking me for pw/stupid questions 🙂

At last, at home, I don't have that threat. Anywhere else, I regularly lock the computer.

That's why special grants could be given to the "Admin" or "Sysadmin" group of users, which would not be prompted for credentials.

I guess I could just continue using occ.

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