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@popey I can accept them and provide you with address where to ship :-P

@iliana pretty good book. For in-depth I recommend Kerrisk's Linux programming interface, even if you're not the programmer.

@tom79 hmm, that's not so automatic... Nor it works as intended IMHO

This time it didn't remember my position. Will leave it to collect some toots so I can record that furious scroll.


@tom79 will try to do it a bit later.

Aaah, now I remember. Feature is useless since first time you scroll (no matter how slowly you do it) it goes insane and scrolls like a maniac through at least 30-40 toots before you stop it.

@tom79 when will this be available in F-Droid? :-)

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Now Twitter mentions are clickable. It will open the external browser or any apps that can handle Twitter profiles.

@tom79 hmm, wonder why it hasn't been the case for me. Will need to try it put again

@tom79 sorry for the black theme. But bookmark is not the same as tweetmarker which keeps last position in client

@tom79 tweetmarker would be must have. Pure black (amoled friendly) theme as well.

@pkotrcka woot. What happened to it? Also, not recognizing phone brand or model :-)

@meka "it's all about experience" hehehe. Weighting each option. Will see. Perhaps at the end I decide to keep current phone as it is still nice.

Considering to preorder Note9, really nice (and also beast of a) phone.

Alternatively I may wait for new iPhone for 2-3 months but IDK, not sure I want to switch to iOS again.

Mcdonalds, the not so fast food.

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@kaniini "please stop assuming having experience in something means you are good at it"

@thomas @robert make that +1

Pretty neat. Default skin is quite ugly but there are nice ones like github.com/hpsu/ttrss-breeze-t

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People of the #fediverse, lend me your ears!

I come before you to propose a new hashtag - #BlogBoost were people can recommend their favourite blogs.

Not gonna lie, this is purely for selfish reasons so I can improve my RSS feed. 😃

I think #BlogBoost should be a link with a VERY short summary. For example:

omgubuntu.co.uk - Ubuntu, Linux blog.

I'll follow this post with my first #BlogBoost. Please join in if you're interested.

So I have this two bottles of peanuts with carolina reaper peppers. OMG, that's hot like a hell.

I usually trick folks to take one or two peanuts and they change 3-4 colors in a minute and hate me afterwards.

But, I like those, I usually eat 10-15 peanuts at the time :-D Folks look at me like I'm insane , but I just like spicy :-)