@pkotrcka dary :-) but it's far quicker than my reply :-P

@angristan out of curiosity, how old were you first trying it out?

Croatian airport named after the first president: Franjo Tuđman

@thomas ha! Cool, I haven't set it up obviously :-)

Perhaps one day...

It's criminal how Windows displays ads all around the system... Not to mention this is paid system...

When Ubuntu started implementing Amazon helper in dash people went all cray cray.

Seems like most technical folks that are usually most vocal either don't use Windows anymore or simply don't care...

These antibiotics are killing me a bit :-/ And I need to fly tomorrow.

It'll be fun I guess.

Wordpress 5.0 visual editor is quite nice :-)

Negative thing is that it's winter time now and there's not much daytime...

Soo, I'll be traveling to 🇳🇱 on Sunday again. This time I'll be without colleagues 🙂

Which means, once I'm done with work I'll need to think about stuff I want to see in the city (Eindhoven).

Or I'll just likely cruise around aimlessly 😄

@nielsk pretty shitty piece of software. Add cpanel to that list as well.

Although cPanel has more traction and is less obnoxious.

@SunDancer well, it's obvious then that I didn't bother with Windows for some time now :-D

@SunDancer I don't recall that being the case. They had open source software for burning image to USB key, but you had to either be logged in to Microsoft account (and have purchased Windows) or you had to provide proper activation key to proceed with download of the ISO.


How to win friends and influence people - by Dale Carnegie

Is really nice book to gain some perspective into human relations and such.

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