@art still magnificent machines. I got t440s 2 years ago for something around $300, still rocks, although I could use a battery replacement.

I feel like org-mode is slowly running ArchLinux from the rank in terms of meme-ability:

"Btw, i use org-mode"

Alright, seems like certification exam was fine. At the end of the exam I got the message:

"Congratulations, you have successfully completed AWS Certified Sysops Exam..."

Anyhow, breakdown of the results will be available within 5 working days.

Alright, being genuine nervous about the today's exam. Don't know when was the last time I was this nervous.

Hope I won't break/tilt myself to the point of being unable to answer questions.

Thinking about deploying matrix server finally. Not sure when though.

I've found my old PlayStation 1 at my mother's place. Decided to tear it apart in order to clean it up from the dust. Pretty easy to disassemble by hand. Only one screwdriver required. Everything else goes with hands only.

Amazed. Also amazed that it still works.

@jonne hmm. Which part exactly? Was thinking about switching my wp blog to it but I might just end up with Roman's ssg script... or something :emacs: based

@angristan and they still haven't disabled your machine? :-) mine is due around 23rd...

@farhan not sure, I would assume no. Why would you move though?

CW Meta, 2¢ 

@farhan just some weird trend I guess. Nothing wrong with selfies IMHO. Nudity and political stuff should certainly have CW, again, IMHO. At the end of the day, I'm the one who should filter content for myself...

@farhan I mean, if it is only the Wordpress in question, I'd do the pure install again, and just import the old content (first exporting it from the old setup).

Unless posts were modified as well to include the spam links and such. In that case manual cleanup will certainly be needed.

@farhan I would likely get it up on isolated VM or in networkless container just so I can log in to admin and use export function for articles and content.

Then I would likely rebuilt it from scratch and import content back

@farhan I like to document few important things when doing so. Things that are deviating from standard documentation.

Been doing self-hosting for few years now, for almost everything, and pretty happy with results.

@kelbot Mutt was my favorite for long time, until I switched to Emacs, nowdays I use mu4e.

Recently heard of the aerc-mail.org/ , curious to see what will it bring to the table.

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