Is there Mastodon client for iOS that supports something like tweetmarker (remembers last position)?

@kev it's just a wm, tilling, stacking, tabbing wm

Pretty neat and simple to use

Few minutes of learning would suffice

But I've always found awesomewm nicer, although I spent like 2 weeks configuring its lua file...

@kurtm nice "Name"! :-D Where did you get the inspiration from? :-P

Yeah, after server reboot I had some services not coming up as they should. Need to re-work some things...

Other actions look nice and feel like a native app should be

Unfortunately following someone opens up external mastodon webpage :-(

Trying out Tusk for iOS, looks quite nice!

Tying out tootdon. Seems cool, but no pure dark theme...

Have recommendation for Mastodon client for iOS?

Have started getting up early and heading out running before work in the week now. I'm only on week 3, but I'm already pretty adjusted to it I think. I do feel a bit sharper at work for it, but the real benefit is the 'extra' hour I get with the family in the evening with the run already out of the way.

So, I had one machine with Fedora 24 (previously upgraded from 23 via system-upgrade DNF plugin).

I've just finished upgrading it to Fedora 28 (24 > 25 > 26 > 27 > 28) and it was flawless. Nice job!

Idk, perhaps to properly align partitions and silly reasons like that.

On raid systems mismatching block size, alignment with erasure block size on ssds can have quite an impact on durability and speed of drives.

But, that's just me being dismissive od an idea, I would really like to see the reasoning behind it, I doubt it's something trivial like that, they most lkkely had their reasons.

That's really weird. Although it is backed by "real storage" I don't quite understand why the lack of partition tables.

There's also fallocate if you need to allocate file of certains size (for ext)

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