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tbh I like many of the features Google is introducing, I just don't trust or like Google

Now that I have a working patch for setting up an #OpenSMTPD MTA behind a full #Tor-ified network, I will document my setup.

#infosec #opsec

The interface is themed as the sewer lair of the Turtles.

Boost == Kowabunga!
Fav == Pizza slice

Admin is Master Splinter. Alert notifications are Breaking News stories by April.

Although there's not much activity here I'm thinking about closing my Twitter account. It will certainly free up some time for me.

⬆️ Does anybody know of a FLOSS app for this? Taking photos (and maybe GPS coordinates) when someone tries to unlock my phone and send them to an email address? I can't find one on @fdroidorg and would like to avoid giving sneaky proprietary apps my data as much as possible. 😊

These clouds better fuck off because I’m trying to BBQ today

this just in, all governments and non governmental groups of the world have unanimously approved a new international law:

no more jpeg text screenshots

or any text screenshots

we're rediscovering ctrl-c and text selection because we are not animals, we are civilized people who care about proper representation and storage of information

I have a music mystery, can you help me solve the music mystery?

I used to own an album called The Entertaining World of Floyd Robinson. It was released on Hickory, allegedly.

I very rarely see this album anywhere other than from a single ebay seller.

Side 1 is clearly Floyd Robinson. It's boring, and smarmy.

Side two is acoustic, effects heavy, vaguely psychedelic, instrumental rockabilly covers of jazz and country standards.

Like this:

I cannot believe that this is recorded by the same guy, or that it's from the mid sixties like it appears to be.

Can anyone help me track down the artist that recorded it? And discover more about it? Or more like it? I really love this.


Pro hint for Milner. Try shooting on your opponents goal instead your own...

Decided to go on a diet again but now I suddenly want to eat at McDonalds...

OMFG I could really eat like 3 or 4 Big Tasty's

Retweet this post if you like French fries ignore if you agree that the moon landings were fake.

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please please please be nice to customer service people. they're just the bearer of bad news, they don't have much power, but tons of customers use them as a punching bag.

I really dislike apps that don't offer ad free option (or paying for it).

This is the only reason I am considering rooting my phone...

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