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Using High Sierra jt's the second time in 7 days I hat to force reboot it due to system not responsing with external display

Considering to preorder Note9, really nice (and also beast of a) phone.

Alternatively I may wait for new iPhone for 2-3 months but IDK, not sure I want to switch to iOS again.

@kaniini "please stop assuming having experience in something means you are good at it"

People of the #fediverse, lend me your ears!

I come before you to propose a new hashtag - #BlogBoost were people can recommend their favourite blogs.

Not gonna lie, this is purely for selfish reasons so I can improve my RSS feed. 😃

I think #BlogBoost should be a link with a VERY short summary. For example: - Ubuntu, Linux blog.

I'll follow this post with my first #BlogBoost. Please join in if you're interested.

So I have this two bottles of peanuts with carolina reaper peppers. OMG, that's hot like a hell.

I usually trick folks to take one or two peanuts and they change 3-4 colors in a minute and hate me afterwards.

But, I like those, I usually eat 10-15 peanuts at the time :-D Folks look at me like I'm insane , but I just like spicy :-)

There's quite of hype around Farming Simulator 19 :-) Seems like it's going to be published for Windows first, then ported to PS4 later on.

Too bad. :-(

FS 17 is quite good still...

Re: DDC/CI , apparentlydoes't help. Fucking KDE decided to mirror my displays now for whatever reason. O holy fucking shit

Every fucking time after I turn the monitors back on.... Argh!

On the topic of replacing Wordpress. Every time I try to use something else (looking at you Hugo) I get frustrated after an hour and throw everything out and continue using WP.

Wordpress's new editor gives me chills. I think I'll need to speed up my migration to something more static. :-)

How the hell is Electron based SSH client good idea? c'mon folks, buy some common sense...

SNAP packages on Ubuntu can be really neat way to try things out and not to fuck up the whole system.

Classic .deb repos are still preferred way in my book.

Svaki šef misli da je baš on najbolji poslodavac. Neki su blizu a neki baš i ne.

Fighting with this for some time now.

Setup: 3x27" DELL P2717H displays

Each evening I turn off all 3 displays. Once I start turning them on in the morning, second display that gets turned on stays disabled in KDE display settings.

Issue is present on GNOME as well, just, GNOME is better at remembering window positions and detects once the monitor is back on. Still fucks up window positions though.

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