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It's criminal how Windows displays ads all around the system... Not to mention this is paid system...

When Ubuntu started implementing Amazon helper in dash people went all cray cray.

Seems like most technical folks that are usually most vocal either don't use Windows anymore or simply don't care...

These antibiotics are killing me a bit :-/ And I need to fly tomorrow.

It'll be fun I guess.

Wordpress 5.0 visual editor is quite nice :-)

Negative thing is that it's winter time now and there's not much daytime...

Soo, I'll be traveling to 🇳🇱 on Sunday again. This time I'll be without colleagues 🙂

Which means, once I'm done with work I'll need to think about stuff I want to see in the city (Eindhoven).

Or I'll just likely cruise around aimlessly 😄


How to win friends and influence people - by Dale Carnegie

Is really nice book to gain some perspective into human relations and such.

That should at least be easier on the internet then in real life when you have to be patient. :-)

I should censor myself a bit. Going into discussions can really waste the time. And time is precious.

Need to book one day to go through network a bit to follow/unfollow people to better match my interests.

OK, so Mastodon Streaming service works well with pm2 as well it seems.

SJW has gotten out of hand long time ago.

I like to think people are well intended but sometimes some are just looking for a conflict of some sort.

It's best to ignore those folks. Fight for the cause of equality of other genders, races and other stuff. But try not to do harm.

Why the hell does coffee have the tendency to spill all over the desk when there's most expensive equipment around it?

Think I've settled with "Fantastical 2" as my to-do app of choice. Might try "Things 3" perhaps some time later. Not for now though...

Missing it on Linux, but hell, I can always add task via native app as it all syncs via caldav.

Looking for great to-do app which is calendar aware. Preferably caldav compatible, but apps for linux, mac and iPhone would be enough.

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