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At first I hated sensu! Found it obnoxious to configure, not so good, json is ugly and all.

But now, I pretty much like it.

Once you get a grasp of few key concepts it's easy to configure and automate.

Almost finished with my sensu server/client role. Have few more things to tweak but all in all it's good enough

Of course Ansible won't apply changes if I use --check :-D πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Who in their normal mind decides to use MacOS as a server os for serving ruby on rails app that stores data in mysql and is being served by apache???? The hell?!

Most decent workflow I had was with gPodder when I only had Linux and Android.

I still use those but my main focus is now iphone for a phone and linux for a desktop, but macbook for a laptop which I carry around when having business travels and stuff like that.

Every single podcasting client is lacking something.

Apple Podcasts - Great, works fine between devices (iphone <-> mac), doesn't sync episodes to apple watch (copy them, streams from phone instead), no web access for listening on non apple based devices

PocketCasts - Great, works fine between devices (even via web player), doesn't sync to watch, streams from phone instead. Yanky syncing of played apisodes

Overcast - great mobile app, allows syncing episodes to apple watch, web sucks.

So, moved all folders that require lots of storage (Documents, Videos, Music, etc) to child datasets of my main storage pool which is on hard drives and copied rest to NVMe RAID1.

Warp speed on -> Firefox opens up in microseconds and everything is super responsive

Just moved my main PC (running Ubuntu 18.04) to Root-on-ZFS without reinstalling the system. Was quite fast.

When adding another drive to the system and running zpool status -v I can see that no resilvering is running. ZFS Is soooooooo fast on those NVMe drives... :-) Ran scrub just to make sure It wasn't cheating me. sync as well... all completed instantaneously.

Sooo I've been on this shredding diet for about 3 weeks now, doing pretty well, lost around 7kg and gained some muscle.

And today, in them matter of fact, now, my wife has ordered some pizza and is just eating it.

But, that will not break me! I feel like I've finally stopped over-enjoying food.

Sooo, one of my Dell P2717H displays have become broken so I had to return it and I've received back Dell P2719H cause they don't sell old models anymore.

Long story short, although I very much like new display, it hurts my OCD that not all displays are the same now. 😟

I mean, I reaaaaaaaally don't like Google Captcha.

Nuked PostgreSQL data directory as it was left within the Docker container.

Although I had /var/lib/postgresql exported as a volume, it seems that isn't the correct way to do it. Proper way to do it is to have /var/lib/postgresql/data as a volume...

And the fact I can switch between all notifications and mentions only :-)

I like this new tutorial in 2.7.1 version of Mastodon

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