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Any specific reason for having this in grub:

if [ $grub_platform = efi ]; then
set timeout=30
if [ x$feature_timeout_style = xy ] ; then
set timeout_style=menu


?? 😕

🐻 in mind that this is personal use only instance so I don't really much care about its status until I'm using it :-D

Hopefully I can now be more active since I've started ignoring all social platforms

Ooooh, my mastodon-streaming.service was down for 1 week :-D Time to deploy some monitoring

Whalebird not auto-refreshing is kind of a deal-breaker for me :-/

Setting up smaller font size somehow makes things more readable to me :-/

Not seeing difference with websockets turned on or off

Oh , seems like there are some tweakables on the right hand side.

Also, it seems it isn't auto-refreshing toot list. :-/

Trying out Whalebird. Seems nice. We'll see how it goes.

I'm missing multiple columns all shown at once though.

Anybody has an idea why is copy module with ansible-playbook --diff not showing changes when src is directory?

At first I hated sensu! Found it obnoxious to configure, not so good, json is ugly and all.

But now, I pretty much like it.

Once you get a grasp of few key concepts it's easy to configure and automate.

Almost finished with my sensu server/client role. Have few more things to tweak but all in all it's good enough

Of course Ansible won't apply changes if I use --check :-D 🤦‍♂️

Who in their normal mind decides to use MacOS as a server os for serving ruby on rails app that stores data in mysql and is being served by apache???? The hell?!

Most decent workflow I had was with gPodder when I only had Linux and Android.

I still use those but my main focus is now iphone for a phone and linux for a desktop, but macbook for a laptop which I carry around when having business travels and stuff like that.

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