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Basically kernel would not be able to allocate new pages of memory for some reason.

Decided to nuke root after all and return to Ubuntu 18.04. Had some weird issues with 19.04. I think they were related to cstates on ryzen cpu I have and new kernel 5.x

We'll see.

this action prompted me that not all data-sets are properly snapshotted within rpool, so I fixed that immediately now.

So, I've been trying to downgrade system and fucked up everything xorg related. So in order to not waste all night on fixing that shit, I just issued zfs rollback... Done done, in a matter of seconds.

I love ZFS. It really saved my ass now. Snapshots to be specific...

The first record with a matching connection type, client address, requested database, and user name is used to perform authentication. There is no “fall-through” or “backup”

^^ from PostgreSQL docs :-)

After doing some bullshit with Postgres yesterday I forgot that I broke the auth for user used for Mastodon instance 🙂

Fixed now.

If there was somebody else using this instance besides me then I would likely pay attention, but luckily that isn't the case 🙂

I really miss something like tweetmarker for mastodon... Anything like that available?

Emacs is legitimately my favorite peace of software now.

Tried writing terraform:


resource definition: DONE

So, I started playing with yasnippet today 🤯

After that I tried some mu4e, and omg, everything I tried, it just sticked, it is quite intuitive for me...

Up until now I loved me some vim, adored mutt, used plain git command line.

First thing that drew me to emacs was org-mode. It's so awesome I can't even explain, and every day I'm learning something new about it.

But then, friend recommended that I look into magit for managing git, and I was like, OMG, it's best git client ever, and has everything exposed nicely and visible at all times. From normal git user to expert in no time...

Now seriously, Emacs have so much great tools it's just not funny.

I loooooveee the ORG-mode, as well as the Magit, mu4e...

From "I don't give a shit about Emacs, Vim does everything I need and more" to "OMG how could've I lived without this" in one week... 😄

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