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I feel like org-mode is slowly running ArchLinux from the rank in terms of meme-ability:

"Btw, i use org-mode"

Alright, seems like certification exam was fine. At the end of the exam I got the message:

"Congratulations, you have successfully completed AWS Certified Sysops Exam..."

Anyhow, breakdown of the results will be available within 5 working days.

Alright, being genuine nervous about the today's exam. Don't know when was the last time I was this nervous.

Hope I won't break/tilt myself to the point of being unable to answer questions.

Thinking about deploying matrix server finally. Not sure when though.

I've found my old PlayStation 1 at my mother's place. Decided to tear it apart in order to clean it up from the dust. Pretty easy to disassemble by hand. Only one screwdriver required. Everything else goes with hands only.

Amazed. Also amazed that it still works.

Sanoid for ZFS really lacks good documentation.

Although, using single column mode makes me feel like some savage. Half-blind or something

Hmm, single column mode looks fine. I guess. Reminds of old twitter.

Sorry, can't take it... Back to black.

Anyhow, it would even be nicer to have custom themes so I could have solarized color scheme. Or perhaps pitch black. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Switched to a light Mastodon theme just to see if I can observe a difference once 2.9 is out. πŸ™‚

Repos such as PHP Sury and PostgreSQL on Ubuntu are really well handled to run multiple versions side by side on the same system. As opposed to anything on RHEL end...

Is there a way to force Mastodon prompt for adding a handler for web+mastodon URL's in Firefox?

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