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So my current stance on Matrix is that its synapse implementation pretty much sucks.

Docs are not quite there for my taste yet. And the stability is also not great luck. Python for such utility is perhaps not the best choice.

What *NIX camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

Do not post snarky comments to internal team chat.
Do not post snarky comments to internal team chat.
Do not post snarky comments to internal team chat.
Do not post snarky comments to internal team chat.
Do not post snarky comments to internal team chat.
Do not post snarky comments to internal team chat.

Anyone active on Matrix? If so, would you like to chat in a sync/async manner a bit throughout next few days? Just so I can test my server.

Also, any tips, suggestions and so on are very much welcome.

PSA: Homebrew sucks! Nowhere near the lousiest and worst package managers you can find on Linux distributions.

On the other hand, Windows doesn't even deserve the mention πŸ˜„

Another one made by my sister. Ubuntu + Krita + Wacom + her amazing talent πŸ™‚

Latest work made by my sister πŸ™‚ Ubuntu + Krita + Wacom. Inspired by Trine game she plays a lot these days...

Apparently isn't keen towards the nested/interdependent pools. Eg: (home and storage pool. home/user as /home/user and storage/home/user/something as /home/user/something). This is hit and miss depending on which one gets imported first.

And with same cables, same displays, without proprietary drivers, resolution is 1080p no issues. during the whole boot process. Which is then BTW flicker-free!

So, Fuck you nvidia! I repeat. Fuck you nvidia!

I'll probably take a plunge and just get RX 5700 XT and be done with this torture.

Any experiences with those new AMD cards?

So after installing nvidia drivers on Fedora quite a few things get on my nerves.

For example, Wayland is automatically disabled although it works if you enable it like so:

Performance on wayland sucks regarding gaming. Within wayland session FPS on Counter Strike Global Offensive is like 19 FPS, while on Xorg Session with proprietary drivers it's 290... Small difference right?

Why the hell is nvidia unable to set proper resolution during the boot? Goes to 1024x...

Why the hell did stsp@ choose to name Git alternative Got?! For the love of ____ , choose googleable name πŸ˜„

As I've installed Fedora I've started using Flatpaks for everything possible that's not provided with the OS already. And so far I had no reason to reach out for trusted RPMFusion repositories.

Back to Fedora, and back to Gnome. Just for fun sake πŸ™‚

M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts

--- why did I forget to do that? For some reason I spent 1 hour troubleshooting why icons in emacs aren't displaying properly. To make things wore, some were displaying properly 🀷

Only thing worse than not having answer to the "Why is it not working?" is, once you fix it, not having answer to the "Why is it working?". πŸ’©

I was legit thinking about imploding this instance, but apparently I only need to cleanup my "Following" list a bit. Few users here are pretty active so I might just keep using it.

I've written my first article back in 2014. Interesting πŸ™‚

Currently 109 articles on my blog. Interesting. I had it for a few years now.

Perhaps it is now time to translate some of those articles I've written in Croatian 3:-)

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