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That got out of hand just a little tiny bit...

Of course I'm an idiot. Almost done with main desk and forgot to wipe the screens!!! Argh. Now I risk moving them out of place again. And it took me like 30 minutes to get them "just right".

I really need to stop being so nervous. This "little activity" got me really ramped up. And I'm only half way there.

Just spent 3 hours cleaning up my desk and now I can no longer arrange ergodox the way I had it before and got used to it. Typing speed -9000

To clarify, I started deletion process in the foreground first, then figured out it may take some time to complete πŸ˜„

bin/tootctl media remove --days=30 --background
Scheduled the deletion of 70510 media attachments (approx. 27.9 GB)


Why there is no mention about periodic:

tootctl media remove

in mastodon docs? My media folder grew to like 70GB πŸ˜„

zpool history is the next best thing after sliced bread!

Fedora Silverblue seems like an over-engineered way of having root-on-zfs system πŸ˜•

Still need to check it out though... :-)

Apparently that wasn't so bad of an idea anyways πŸ™‚

Just nuked redis for my instance , now the timeline is empty πŸ˜„

I would likely do it before.

It was easy to fix but I couldn't be bothered ;-) BOFH

Today I finally troubleshooted why the hell my site is not being indexed by the Google.

Of course, reason was my stupid copy/paste of add_header nginx directives from another site I have (which shouldn't be indexed by the way)

Soo, I really do hate Windows. Things do just blow up there randomly... I call it Windblows for a reason. Luckily don't use it on any on my machines. But I still need to fix stuff sometimes for other people....

TIL, from Usenet no less: You can set up #sendmail to use both RSA and EC certificates (even though the relevant option was obviously built for other combinations): Were there some config changes which would not pick up until reboot?

Have you tried diff-ing between old config files?

Soooo, darn Atlassian Confluence refuses to start up if your license has expired :-D

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