I wished to own a Thinkpad. After using it, now I don't... Chinese manufacturers really need to learn some UX.

@EdwardTorvalds T440s I have is still a pretty neat machine.

What kind of issues you had with it? And which model?

@ivan T480. Keyboard layout is not US.
Ctrl key and Fn key are interchanged. Ctrl key should be on bottom left-most.
Home, End, Page Up and Down keys are scattered. They all should be on left most part of keyboard, one below the other.
Key kept Print key between Alt and Ctrl, wrong place.
My typing speed is reduced because of the non+standard keyboard layout.
Speakers are totally shit on Linux. My cheap android phone has better speakers.


Some of those gripes I overcome by thinking "oh, it's just the thinkpad thing" and giving it a chance I came really used to it, and now it seems quite logical. Even more so as it is easier for me to press ctrl with thumb. Similar like macbook has it.

If you use Prtscr as I do to trigger SysReq then it is quite neat to have it there :-)

As for speaker quality, haven't hear the t480. Mine are not great as well, but on laptop I usually use earphones anyways

@ivan cost of T480 is of those of luxurious macbook laptops. they must come with good speakers

@EdwardTorvalds I agree, but then, nothing beats Macbook screen or speaker wise. It is just amazing.

@ivan exactly, with thinkpad I am just wasting lot of money.
Also macbooks have excellent big touchpads too. Thinkpad's are not very bad though


@EdwardTorvalds What I love with thinkpad is the keyboard feel. Also trackpoint is really cool.

I am also very fond of their docking system and the fact ethernet plug is still there 🙂

Still thinking if I should ditch macbook as my work laptop and just use Thinkpad instead. 🤷‍♂️

There are pros and cons using any device, unfortunately, it is still about which compromise you wish to make.

Company I work for had like 50% of their macbooks sent for keyboard repair in first year 😠

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